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*****Be RAW. Be REAL.****

Does anybody else have a short fuse? 🧨 Admittedly, over the years, I do a little bit. Maybe being picked on for my clothes in grade school, being excited about hanging out with new friends only to find out it was all a cruel joke, being judged as a parent, and working as an ER nurse has all made me a bit calloused. I know almost everyone can relate.

I’m well known to have quite the spicy side. There’s a lot of sass up in here. I drop f-💣s more than I care to admit- sorry Mom 😬 But... I have a side that loves baby snuggles, fresh flowers, and hubby hugs. I also have a silly, fun side that acts like a complete fool, rocks out like Motley Crue in my car, and plays pranks on my friends and coworkers 😚

We all have a wide range of emotions and there’s no shame in any of them.

Just because you’re not always positive, doesn’t mean you should be labeled as bitter.

Let yourself be a hot mess. Let yourself feel those raw feelings.

Be sad, be pissed off. No one is telling you to stay there. Don’t get so wrapped up in staying positive that you forget to feel real. ✌🏼❤️

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