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***Goodbye 2020***

Like many of you, 2020 has brought me a lot of hardships, strained relationships, and a whole lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms. (I'll save that for another blog post.) While it is easy to fixate on how horrible this past year was, I am reminded of all of the awesome experiences it brought me as well. We welcomed Riggs, our sweet and very energetic Corgi. Out of the pandemic, Ride Wild was born. Since starting this brand, I've been launched out of my comfort zone to meet and talk to new people. In case you weren't aware, that is huge for my introverted self! I had freedom to be innovative and create some really cool pieces that I am super proud of. AND, it makes my heart just soar when I see something I've made, worn by people. I also have a whole new appreciation for small business owners. It is A LOT of work! We had many weekends free to camp and ride and I even got my little sister to join us after many years. This fall, we got to take a short trip to the Ozark Mountains with some awesome friends and met a few new ones (safely distanced, of course).

I realize the synopsis of my year is pretty short, but that is the whole point. It allowed me to do less, with a lot more focus. For that, I am unbelievably grateful.

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