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In this week before Christmas, my daughter and husband both had to have urgent surgeries, four days apart. Do I procrastinate every year buying gifts? Yes. Did I do it again this year? Also yes. For years have I made the hubby do the wrapping of my last minute gifts? Yes again. You see where this is going, right?

I frantically ordered another gift from a downtown boutique and picked it up today.

As I sit in my bedroom with gifts piled on the bed, I’m thinking to myself "I’d rather administer a soap suds enema or suction a trach than wrap all of these gifts." (#ernurselife)

As I get about halfway through the pile, losing the tape about 17 times, and ripping the wrapping paper on almost every single gift, frustrated, I am ready to go make myself a drink and call it a night.

Then I came across this card. Now, I am not a super sensitive person, but its contents sent a surge of mixed emotions that dropped me. This gesture, this personal note, hit me like a tidal wave. This is why I LOVE our small town.

After I started Ride Wild this summer, I made a commitment to shop only small businesses for the holidays this year. I realized how much people pour themselves into their brand and their products. This is the epitome of people supporting people.

Bless you Brianne, and your herd at Broker Leather. You just made my Christmas 🎄

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