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Many people say to me “I love the wild rags but I don’t know if I can pull it off”.

Let. Me. Tell. You.

My style has always been a little unusual. In fact, I’ve looked in the mirror more times than I could count and told myself “Okay, you need to tone this down a bit.”

WHY??? To fit in, afraid of what someone else might think?

It got me to thinking.....

My Grandma painted her kitchen orange with royal blue trim. She loved turquoise. She took pictures of freshly baked bread and framed them. My mom is a wonderful shade of goat-loving, tree-hugging hippie. My girls won’t conform to any style but their own. Avryn has refused for years to dress up like the other girls on picture day or the first day of school. RJ regularly wears dresses with combat boots and silly socks like she is going to a Dr. Seuss theme party.

Bottom line, embrace your weirdness! Forget the “rules”. Paint your kitchen a wild color, flaunt your gaudy jewelry, get the goat you’ve always wanted as a pet, wear whatever the heck makes you happy!!

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