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I realized I never added an "About Us" on my website. So, here you go...

I didn't quit my job. I am still an ER nurse, now just with two jobs! When Covid-19 first hit, I admit, I was scared. We had a new disease and little knowledge. Changes were flying at us, sometimes hour by hour. I started making scrub caps to wear at work under all of my PPE. Then I started to make them for my coworkers. Then I started making cloth masks. Sewing, discovering Tik Tok, and the Tiger King saved my sanity,

I wanted to keep sewing but I wanted to do it for a less dismal cause. I invested in a serger and started making wild rags. Ride Wild was born shortly after!

My Wild Rags, Mini Scarves, Spur Straps and other accessories are all handmade, by me (or sometimes even my Mom), right in our kitchen.

We are a farming family, with kids and animals everywhere. We love it and would never change that. As you can see from the above picture, all of our creatures are free-range. If you order from me, you will know that your item was made right here at this table, on my day off, or many times, after working a 12 hour ER shift. I will not send anything out that I would not confidently wear myself. Like you and me and..... well, life in general, NOTHING is perfect. You may find stitching in the serged edges bunched up in a tiny area or a few strands of Corgi glitter in your package. But, know THIS. Everything is made for you, with dedication and love!

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